5 flavors of Windows 7

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    So it sounds like Microsoft will be offering 5 flavors of Windows 7 when it is released;

    • Windows 7 Starter Edition (for emerging market and netbook users)
    • Windows 7 Home Basic (for emerging market customers only)
    • Windows 7 Home Premium (the main “Media Center” equivalent)
    • Windows 7 Professional (the business SKU for home users and non-enterprise licensees)
    • Windows 7 Enterprise (for volume licensees)
    • Windows 7 Ultimate (for consumers who want/need business features)

    I think Microsoft is making this as confusing as choosing which Linux distro you want to run (CentOS? Ubuntu? openSUSE? Knoppix? Fedora? Kubuntu? Debian? Gentoo? ...)! The question is going to be, though, how crippled each version above "Ultimate" is going to be.

    What do YOU think?
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    This is actually an improvement over the Windows Vista choices. Windows 7 Professional will be a superset of 7 Home Premium. Vista Business forced you to give up Media Center to get domain support and Remote Desktop Connection (as the remote-controlled target). You had to go all the way to Vista Ultimate to get all of those. With Windows 7 you'll only need Professional to get those same features, which should be a cost savings compared to Ultimate.

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